Frequently Asked Questions

Picking up and Dropping off Times

Day Morning Afternoon
Mon-Fri 9.00-10.30am 3-5pm
Saturday 9.00-10.30am  
Sunday   3-5pm (strictly)

There is normally no pick up/drop off on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, nor Good Friday.  (if you prefer not to work around those times, there is a $350 drop off fee for Christmas Day & Christmas Eve, at a mutally agreeable time.)

What is check in time?

A boarding kennel operates like a hotel. ie: check in is in the afternoon, and check out is in the morning. This allows us to fully clean the kennels and yards between stays. And you'll agree - cleanliness is a priority.

Normal check in time is anywhere between 3-5pm strictly by appointment (other than Saturday).  No out of hours drop off or pick ups are available.  Feel free to ask us why.

What is check out time?

Normal check out time is strictly by appointment between 9-10.30am (except Sunday).  Sunday is an obligatory late check out between 3-5pm.

What payment types to you take?

The most frequently used mode is cash on drop off or directly into our account. Just like when you go to the movies, you pay before you enter, and you pay before you eat your popcorn, we require payment upfront. We do not take credit card, nor have an efpos machine. We do not accept personal cheques. If you come to drop off your dog without the necessary funds, you will need to visit the nearest bank to get the funds before leaving your dog with us. There are no exceptions to this, so please don't ask. (We have had to bring in this rule because of a fraud being made on us that literally cost us thousands of dollars.)

How do I book in my dog?

Give us a call:  5433 6259 or fill out the form.

Can I avoid vaccinations?

Absolutely not. All dogs must have an up to date vaccination (C5) given at least 2 weeks before attending the kennel. This is to protect all guests. (If your dog is not up to date with its vaccines you may find it best to get in a dog minder in for your period away.)  These are governmental rules.    And cats require a yearly F3 vaccination.

Can my pup come to your kennel ?

We highly recommend that pups under the age of 6 months of age do not attend any kennel. This is because their immune systems are not fully developed leaving them susceptible to potentially fatal diseases.

We will consider boarding dogs that are 5 months of age, but you will be required to sign an additional waiver.

What will my dog be doing during its stay?

Every dog has lots of human interaction and weather permitting, will spend a lot of time lazing about in the sun. There will also be exercise activities scheduled each day for each dog.

It is a priority for us that dogs get lots of fresh air, but are also away from the harsh summer sun, and those awfully chilly wet winters' days.

Do you offer grooming?

Generally not.  We can wash short coated breeds under 20kg.  

What are you rates?

Rates are normally between $30-$60 a day (with an extra $5/night during peak periods)

There is an "extra care" charge for those dogs with special needs, and for dogs over 35kg.

Is there discount for multiple dogs?

No. Our rates are already extremely competitive.  If confused, google some of the rates for melbourne kennels.


What will my dog eat?

We have fed our own dogs a raw natural diet for many years. Your dogs will be fed the same diet as our own dogs. This will include beef, chicken, goat, mutton, fish, and alpaca. Most days, the dogs will get bone in their diet. If you'd prefer for your dogs to eat something else, you need to provide such, bagged up and labelled into daily portions.  You will also be charged the extra care charge of $5-10/day for providing your own food.

We will generally have on hand some dry food, loaf, cooked chicken (no bones) plus canned food for the really picky eater.

Can I inspect the facility prior to booking in

Absolutely, and we'd prefer you to. Simply ring us and book in an appointment time, and we will show you round. Please do not bring your dog to this inspection. In addition children under 12 are not allowed through the facility because of OH&S concerns and anyone between the ages of 12-16 must be accompanied by an adult each. For example, if you bring 3 young people between 12-16, there must be an adult for each young person. We do not offer any child care facilities, and no children can be left in the car or outside the compound whilst adults tour the facility. During any visits, you are not allowed to touch any dogs. Look, but don't touch please.

Please be aware during peak periods kennel and cattery tours are not available.   These can take up to an hour each, and given summer days will often see us up at 4am, and having dinner after 10pm, there's just no time to offer appropriate tours with intros to your dog, and it doesn't make sense for us to be standing out in the sun on a hot day.

How long does it take my dog to settle in?

There is a transition stage for each pet, which we are very used to managing. Some are anxious at first and some are super excited. Each pet is evaluated closely. If a dog is clearly unhappy during its time with us, we will contact you. In rare situations, we may advise that another facility may be better suited to your dog.  If your dog wrecks any gates or fences, you will be called and asked to collect your dog.  You will also be required to pay for damage to be fixed.

Can I leave my bitch in season here?

Yes you can, but the cost is $80/night. We do not offer this during the peak periods.

The question has been asked "can you manage the breeding of my dogs?" Yes we can - but not during peak times. There is a minimum charge of $250/day for this service for us to act as "stud masters". These dogs must be registered with the VCA, and their papers produced prior to this.

Can I leave my undesexed male with you?

It is an increasing requirement of most kennels that any male over 6 months of age is desexed. It is our preference as well that this is the case. Dogs in Bendigo can be desexed usually for under $200, and we highly recommend that the vast majority of people do this.

While we will attempt to accommodate your undesexed male, there may be times of the year that we just can't do this, particularly during peak periods.

Any undesexed male would be required to have a trial weekend with us prior to any peak period to determine if we can accommodate him.

Generally speaking, we will be unable to accommodate large undesexed male dogs particularly those with aggressive temperaments towards other dogs (either male or female.)

All undesexed males will be required to pay an extra $5/night care charge.

Can my pregnant bitch stay with you?

Yes, but if your bitch does whelp while she is here, you will then be charged our whelping fee, which starts from $3000 to raise your pups to 3 weeks of age plus all vet fees.


We welcome your feedback. It is important to note that whilst we will satisfy the needs of 99% of people and their dogs, in a very small number of cases, we may not be able to satisfy some. In such situations we will let you know that we are probably not the right facility, and can offer the names and phone numbers of other places to try.

Do you board cats?

Absolutely.  Please check out our website here:





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