What to Bring!

We take care of almost everything. We provide dogs with a wide selection of bedding needs, so please don't bring your own. We also provide bowls of course. And we provide the food - raw diet only.

You will need to bring:

  • Vaccination card - please make sure that current C5 vaccination for dogs and a F3 for cats is signed off by your vet
  • Collar and id on your dog (this must include your phone number on the id)
  • Any medications
  • A leash to take your dog out of the car into our facility. Please note: the leash always leaves with you, so you will need to bring it again when you come to pick up your dog.
  • Coat in winter (optional) - if you want your dog coated at night during winter, please bring it clearly marked with your name and that of your dog's. Coats must be clean, or they will not be allowed into the facility.

Please note: if you want to feed any diet other than a raw diet that we provide, you will need to provide such clearly labelled, bagged up in daily serves. Please do not bring a bag of dry dog food. You must split it up into daily servings. And of course, there is an additional fee of $5-$30/day for food and supplements you provide due to the extra work, clean up, and storage costs involved.


What not to bring:

  • Personal items of your clothing.  There is a myth that if a dog can smell your scent they will be calmer.  It's a myth.  I've had people take off items of clothing in front of me to hand to me to make their dog feel better.  Trust me, the only person who feels better is the human trying to give me the dirty clothing.  I've actually been disgusted when people take off their dirty socks and try to hand them to me to make their dogs feel better.  They don't.  Their dogs will always ignore them.  They also become a choking hazard.  And you're paying me to look after your dog - not do your laundry.  The most recent case was someone handing me a bag of the shirts that they had worn the previous night to bed.  Nope, nope, nope.   
  • Toys - we provide those.  Note:  we have never had an instance of dogs wanting to play with the toys their owners have brought.
  • Treats - yes we provide those too.  99% of the time, the dogs will refuse to eat the treats you've supplied.

Under no circumstances will we allow "bean bed" dog beds. The one and only time we had someone bring one who insisted that it comes, yes it split spilling beans around the entire kennel.

Lost property:  we will not post back to you items you have forgotten to take.  If they are not picked up within 1 month, they will be donated or thrown out.  This applies to any medication as well.

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