Toolleen Country Retreat

What we offer

In a safe, secure environment, our aim is to provide your dog with a pleasurable experience, and that you know that we will look after your dog as good, or even better, than you will.  

Dogs get fed our fresh home made food from great ingredients, or supplied with their favourite food from your own supplies (if you choose to supply your own food, there will be an additional cost of $5-10/day due to the extra work, cleaning, and storage requirements).  We'll work with you to give your dog the best experience we can provide.

This means, if you don't want your dog to get a fresh diet, any special food you require to be fed you'll need to bring with you when you drop off your buddy in cleary marked bags for each meal.  Don't bring a whole bag of dog food!

From $35 per night, your dog becomes our guest and friend, where they will receive lovely exercise sessions, one on one attention, and great quality food and support.  

Please note, the daily rate during peak periods is $40-50 per night with minimum stay periods over Christmas/New Year and Easter.

Your dog will have its own sleeping quarters, and its own run during the day.  For safety reasons, we do not mix dogs over 10kg for play sessions, and then only if the dog is comfortable with this, and both you and I agree if it's a good idea.  

If you want your own dogs together then that's absolutely fine if they all get on.  But if one throws an elbow, they will be separated.  We don't want your dog going home with more holes than it arrived with.  The only dog fights we have ever had is with dogs from the same home, so I am super cautious.  Safety first.  I will call you if I need to separate your dogs for safety reasons.  If you don't agree with this, you will need to arrange for your dogs to be picked up immediately and there will be no refund. 

Other great optional activities 

Depending on the time of year, we will be able to offer a range of optional additional activities for our guests (ie:  your dog).    Because we will be getting in additional specialist staff for some of these activities & sessions, they will be payable in advance.

These will include:

  • swimming in summer - in our dam in our large spacious paddock (when the dam is operational
  • paddock play (one or one or small group sessions - you choose) in our 5 acre canine specialist area
  • yabbying, and success may mean yabbies for your dog for dinner!
  • nature walks through our property - for the cooler months
  • santa photos
  • lead training
  • basic obedience
  • email & photo updates
  • personalised facebook updates of your dog
Check for current prices on check in.

Don't forget.......

Due to maintaining the health regulations of the DPI, your dog will need to have a current vaccination certificate from your vet, with any vaccines given at least 2 weeks before their stay.  We can not negotiate on this.

When you ring to check in, have your dog or cat's vaccination card handy because we'll be asking for details such as the date of the last vaccination.

Tip:  your dogs require a C5 vaccination, with the kennel cough component updated within the last 12 months, and cats require a F3 vaccination within the last 12 months

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