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A really important aspect of coming to Toolleen Country Retreat is the diet that your dog will be fed.

At all times we promote that dogs should be fed an appropriate raw diet, as nature designed them to eat.

We have been feeding such a diet to our own dogs (and cats) for over 15 years, and during this period we have gained access to wonderful suppliers who supply us with regular supplies of fresh food, and keep us updated with new availability of different proteins.

Whilst there is some aspects of seasonality, the food we feed your dog is the same we feed our dogs. This will include chicken, beef, fish & other seafood, goat, sheep, and deer. The dogs will get mostly meat, some bone, and some organ meat. Let us know if your dog can't eat any of that.

Depending on our discussions with you, your furry friend will be fed between 2-4% of their adult body weight per day.

We would encourage all visitors to check out the video below regarding the modern view of what a carnivore (ie: your dog or cat) should eat.

We do not encourage the feeding of artificial foods (ie: dry or canned food - basically anything out of a packet or can) at any stage.

If you do bring food for your dog, you must have it clearly labelled and separated into separate portions in appropriately sealed bags for each day's use. We will not accept a big bag of dog food with instructions such as "feed one cup once a day".

Please note: if you do insist on your dog having the diet you provide, because of the considerable extra work involved, you will need to pay the extra care charge which is $5/day.

It is worth noting that if you provide the dog's own food, in the vast majority of situations the dog refuses to eat it. This is understandable if the dog next door is getting veal and meaty bones, and your dog is getting dry biscuits.

Feel free to ask us any questions at any stage.

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