The health of your dog is important to us as we know it is to you - before your visit, during your visit, and after your visit.  Due to government regulations, it is a requirement for all guest dogs to have the following:

  • full vaccination before arrival (C5)
  • worming
  • flea free

We know that some people don't like vaccinations, however, due to DPI requirements, we are required to insist on an up to date vaccination of your dog.  Some vaccines only need to be given every 3 years, so check with your vet on how to minimise vaccines, whilst meeting with the legislative requirements for boarding.  In any case, please make sure you bring your vaccine card for us to check off (or scan and send us a copy), and those vaccines must be given at least 2 weeks before your dog visits.  Sorry, this is non-negotiable.


Worming and flea treatment

We are able to offer worming and flea treatment on arrival, although you will need to pick up the costs of this. 

Coat Condition

The coats of all dogs will be assessed at check in. We will not accept dogs into the facility in poor coat condition, unless you agree and pay upfront the costs associated with getting the coat into a proper condition. We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to manage the coats of long coated breeds, so offer the service of "coat rectification" which may include total removal of the coat. Price will depend on the condition of the coat. Cost will be $60/hour for the groomer to work on the coat of your dog, with a minimum of one hour. Generally we do not offer a de-matting service, although will work on a small number of knots (less than 5) if required.

Please note: if your dog bites the groomer during a grooming session, there will be a minimum additional $50 charge payable. Please make sure you tell us if your dog does not like being groomed, in advance.

Collar and tag

Please make sure your dog arrives with a collar and tag with your phone number on it.


Our preference is that every guest dog is microchipped prior to arrival.  We are able to offer microchipping from our visiting vet if visits correspond with your dog's stay. 

Vet on call

We have a vet on call at all times and if in the unlikely event that your dog does become sick during its stay, we will contact you and arrange appropriate veterinary care at your cost.  You must let us know prior to your dog's arrival of any health issues.

We are more than happy to give any medications required as prescribed by your vet, or any vitamins or supplements you supply, as part of your service.


Your dog will receive twice daily exercise sessions as a minimum in addition to separate toileting sessions.  Let us know if your dog is able to do push ups and sit ups!  Seriously though, if your dog is not used to exercise, let us know, and we will take it easy.  

Doggy Chiropractor

If you are interested in using our visiting doggy chiropractor during your dog's visit, just let us know.  Most often such services are available on a weekday only (usually Monday/Tuesday), and only available if your dog is boarding with us or on a day spa package - and at an additional cost. Doggy chiro visits are normally $25 session, and we will provide you with a debrief on what has happened.

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