Toolleen Country Retreat

Our rates

The daily rate offered by Toolleen Country Retreat is the best you will find for the services offered.

In short, normal rate per night $25.00 for dogs under 10kg, $27.50 for dogs between 11-35kg, and $30 for the big fellas - 35kg+ (plus $5 per exercise session down at the dam). During school holidays and most of summer, the peak rate is an extra $5/night  (plus an additional $7.50 for supervised and shared exercise sessions down the dam). (Unless you also need the "extra care" charge - which includes all dogs over 35kg, non desexed dogs over 6 months, and all fence jumpers - see below. )
Dam sessions: $7.50 (or 3 sessions for $20) in a group session.  Group sessions usually have a ratio of 1 human per 5 dogs at most.  $10/session if the dog prefers their own company.    Whilst there is plenty of running space provided internally for your dogs, if you wish to have a dam session, let us know.  To qualify, all dogs must come consistently when called.  As you can imagine,I can't be spending 3 hours chasing a dog around a paddock to catch it!  (so far, everyone has been really sensible about this.  Thank you!)

You can elect how many sessions you'd like to pay for. We will also include facebook updates of your dog playing and/or swimming if you'd like as well, although our internet is very patchy, so we will try, but can't guarantee. Please note: if your dog is unlikely to come back to us when called, he/she will not be able to participate when going to the dam.

If you're on a tight budget, your dog will still enjoy extensive extensive opportunities in our yards ranging in size up to 100m long.  We don't judge you if dam sessions are not in your budget!

Please note, we do not have an Efpos machine and do not accept personal cheques.  Of course a receipt will be available to you when you pick up your dog.  We are more than happy to take direct deposit, payable before arrival.

Please note, no booking is confirmed until we send you a confirmation booking.  An administration fee will apply if you cancel your booking.  In addition, if you decide to pick up your dogs (or cats early) you will not receive a refund.

Overnight Boarding

Normal rates will be between $25-$30/night per dog.  eg:  desexed toy poodle off peak $25 per night.  Desexed 45kg labrador peak rate $35/night.  Plus any extras as required. 

During peak periods there is a minimum number of nights boarding - 5 nights for school holidays, & 7 nights during the peak period of Christmas New Year (inclusive).

All fees must be paid at check-in, no exceptions.  If you need to pick up your dog early, no refund will be payable.

Extra care option

We know that some of you have pets that require extra care and attention.  Because of the extensive extra time we spend with your pet for these, costs can range from $5-$30/day extra.  Examples of this include - $5-$10/day:  medication once a day.  $30/day:  dog requires to be lifted to go outside to toilet.

Some of our guests do have extra care options. The sort of dogs that require this extra care include the following:
  • Fence jumpers - who require full supervision when outside  (generally this is $10-$30 day extra)
  • Non desexed dogs over 6 months of age (no exceptions)
  • Dogs over 35kg
  • Dogs requiring multiple medications per day
  • Blind dogs that require full supervision when in an outside yard
  • Disabled dogs that require extra care
  • Dogs with broken legs
  • Owners who require multiple briefings whilst their dogs stay with us
  • If you want to provide your dog's own food, because of the extra work involved at our end, you will need to pay the extra care charge for each night.
  • etc.
You may elect this option, or we may suggest/require you take up this option.

Just speak with us and we will talk through what is possible. Most importantly, we want you to feel comfortable, and we want your dog to be comfortable.


Early/Late Check in/Check Out

Unfortunately, we are no longer able to offer out of hours check in or check out.  This is because when I calculated it over a 12 month period, not one single person has made the time they nominated for, and not one of these people called me in a timely way to let me know they would be late.  Or they have not shown up at all.  Most turned their phone off.

Sorry, I gave it a red hot go.  I have tried for years to make this work and to stretch myself to service customers as best I could, but unfortunately what I have learned time and time again is "no good deed goes unpunished".    And then there is that awkward feeling between you and customers you've learned to call your friend, when have not thought it important enough to text or call you to let you know that the time they promised they would be here, has not happened, and not even close to happening.  I've spent too long waiting for people, needlessly missing important functions or special dinners when I've tried to help someone out, and they have not called.  This is not some nameless multinational company who doesn't care.  This is me, Jane Anderson, and I am the one that is directly affected.

And yeah, I'm upset.  I'm updating this website now, after the 2nd day in a row that an out of hours customer & friend is late.  (23rd time this year.  Yes I'm counting.)  Yesterday I waited over an hour.  Today so far it's an hour and a half, and my message has been left unanswered.  And both customers want out of hours times for both pick up and drop off.  Both will be told that this will never happen again.

Yes I would rather have less customers than be upset.

Longer term rates

The vast majority will appreciate that there is no other facility in Victoria that offers such value for money, comprehensive all inclusive program as we do.

Longer stays discounts may be available to dogs staying longer than 3 months. Conditions apply, including that we have had the dog here before and that they are dogs we would be happy here permanently, and that they are more than likely to be small dogs.

To put it in perspective on our fees, I'd advise you to check out other facilities and have provided some links below:

To be perfectly frank, if you're not happy with our extremely competitive rates, I'd advise you be best not to book your dogs in at all. We have found that those that want to insist that it should be done cheaper, will rarely be pleasant clients to deal with, and often have difficult dogs. For those of you who still think this way - please start up your own boarding kennel and I'm happy to send similarly minded people your way.

Alternatively, please provided one of your children to work for us for free while you're away. I'm sure we could work out a rate reduction then. Unfortunately none of our current highly experienced team want to work for nothing.


As a reminder - due to DPI regulations, all pets are required to be fully vaccinated prior to their stay, providing a copy of vaccination certificate or vet clearance, with such vaccinations occurring at least 2 weeks before the stay.  No exceptions sorry.

Worming and Flea Treatment
All dogs must be flea treated and wormed prior to arrival. We can do both (at a cost) when you arrive, but we really want the dogs to be both flea free and worm free prior to arrival.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at any stage.

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