Picking up and Dropping off Times

Day Morning Afternoon
Mon-Fri 9.00-10.30am 3-5pm
Saturday 9.00-10.30am  
Sunday   3-5pm

Whilst we have standard check in/out times, all must be by appointment only.

If you can't meet your scheduled appointment time, please contact us asap. Our gates are closed and locked outside of these hours.  If you miss the opening hours, check above to see what time you can next pick up or drop off your pet.  You will be required to pay for all time that you have booked.  

We appreciate when people call us during normal business hours.   If it's an emergency, we will try to get back to you as soon as possible.  If it is not, we will more than likely to call you back during standard business hours.  

Normally, you would check a dog in, in the afternoon, and check them out in the morning.  Just like a hotel.  It's that easy!

If we have availability you can elect to swap a session.  eg:  check in during the morning session, or check out in the afternoon session.  Of course on a Sunday, you'll always be picking up or dropping off in the afternoon session and paying the applicable fee which is $10/dog and $5/cat.  

Just let us know when you drop off what suits you best, and if you get caught and can't pick up at the scheduled time, please call or text us so we can make sure we make appropriate arrangements for your dog that afternoon or the next morning.

We no longer offer out of hours drop off or pick up times.  The gate will be locked outside of standard hours.  This is because in the last 12 months in 100% of cases, not one person has actually made the time they nominated for.  Not even close to making the time.  Even when they have pinky-swore they would make the time.  Even when they were close friends who know how busy I am, they have not made the time they nominated.  Even when I have told them how frustrating it is when people don't make the time.  Even when I have told them I will cancel my special plans, they don't make the time.  And more often than not, there is no response when we try to call, or text, or people then set a new time, which they are then significantly late for. 

As such, no more out of hours times will be allowed.

Please note: We have no days off per week as such, but we reserve Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning as our special family time. As such pick ups, drop offs, and tours of the facility are not available at these times.

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