Toolleen Country Retreat

Yes we do currently have availability for both cats and dogs.

Mask wearing is still required on site, and will be for the foreseeable future.

At this stage, I am opening bookings for xmas/ny from Oct 20 with preference given to current clients.
I will start taking Easter bookings from Feb 1, with preference given to current clients.

1452 Toolleen-Axedale Road, Toolleen.

1.5km west of the Toolleen pub.

This facility has been designed as "the place" for relaxation and enjoyment for your dog and cat - and in fact, our aim is to be the best facility in the region at the best price.

On a wonderfully spacious 68 acres, we are open for fabulous dog holidays.
All visitors to site are required to show covid vaccinations, and use the QR code system.

You can call me directly on:    0488 800 364 - although the recommended way to touch base is to send me a text Monday - Friday during normal business hours please.

Our facility, where we care for just a small number of visiting cats and dogs daily will be of particular interest to those people looking for:


  • An exceptional facility
  • Small, medium, and large dog needs fully catered for
  • Care and consideration of their pet
  • An opportunity for their dog & cat to have a holiday too
  • Great value for money
  • Where the people who own the facility, run the facility
  • Where the owners are highly experienced dog & cat people
  • Where the owners live on site
  • Where safety and health is important
  • Where we are flexible to your needs
  • Where there is lots and lots of room to go for a great run and having fun for the dogs, whilst the Cat Retreat is a place of tenderness and peace.
Our Rates
Off peak & desexed dogs under 10kg:  $25/night
Off peak & desexed dogs under 35kg:  $30/night
Off peak & desexed dogs over 35kg:  $35/night 

Undesexed dogs:  add $5/night 

Peak rates:  add $5/night

eg:  46kg undesexed lab in January:  $45/night (although my preference is to have no undesexed dogs during the peak times because of the vast amount of work they usually take, particularly in cleaning up urine, and managing the behavioural issues.)

Cats:  $25/night  (this gives the cat both inside and outside private areas), or upgraded to $40/night for the double deluxe.  The executive suite which houses up to 4 cats from the same home with both inside and outside areas is $100/night.  

For those requiring specialised air conditioned accommodation during the hotter weeks, we have a kennel as such.  Cost is $45/night/dog and most commonly booked by those with French bulldogs and the like.

For last minute accommodation during peak times, there may be availability in the specialised show dog kennel.  Cost is $60/night.  You need to specifically request this kennel space, as it is not routinely offered as an option.  (your dog doesn't need to be a show dog, but must have very good manners and must be desexed.)

Peak time is Dec 1 - Jan 31st, and all other school hols.

Minimum night bookings of 5-7 days over peak.

When we are full, I can waitlist you on request, but will fill spots based on requests for the longest bookings.

Bookings are charged like a hotel:  check in during the afternoon session, check out during the morning session.  If you need to swap, so that you check in during the morning session, the additional cost is $10 for the half day session.  If you check out in the afternoon session, an additional $10 applies.  

Any attendance to the facility requires an appointment to which we strictly work to.  The aim is to keep everyone separate from each other under my Covid plan and reduce possible exposures.   It also helps reduce my costs (and hence your costs), so I'm not standing around for hours waiting for someone to attend. There is no availability to attend site outside of hours.  If you are going to be more than 5 mins late, you may be required to be re-scheduled to the next session, of which there would be an additional charge.

For late cancellations or no shows, we reserve the right to charge the whole booked time.  Late cancellations and "no shows" kill small businesses.

Dam sessions: $7.50 (or 3 sessions for $20) in a group session.  Group sessions usually have a ratio of 1 human per 5 dogs at most.  $10/session if the dog prefers their own company.    Whilst there is plenty of running space provided internally for your dogs, if you wish to have a dam session, let us know.  To qualify, all dogs must come consistently when called.  As you can imagine,I can't be spending 3 hours chasing a dog around a paddock to catch it!  (so far, everyone has been really sensible about this.  Thank you!)

*  This is the price for desexed dogs over 6 months of age.  Non desexed dogs over 6 months of age are $5 extra per night.  Generally speaking we cannot take "in season" girls.  Undesexed dogs must be registered with Dogs Victoria as show dogs.   We have very limited availability to take undesexed males/females.

* Medication charge:  usually $5-$10 per day, may be more if needs are complex.  Meds are best brought in a little pill container that you can get from the chemist where you can see the days of the week and am & pm little boxes.  This makes it easiest to ensure the right meds are given.

* If you provide your dog's own food, an extra fee is charged.  Little baggies must be provided for each meal.  If the meals provided include complex preparation, this fee may be increased to up to $15-$20 per meal.  
* Out of hours/weekend updates on your dog are $20 each and must be pre-booked and pre-paid for.  If we have time, we can weekly updates if you need them during normal office hours M-F.

Office Hours - for check in and check out
Day Morning Afternoon
Mon-Fri 9.00-10.30am 3-5pm
Saturday 9.00-10.30am  
Sunday   3-5pm
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